Eligible recipients earn commissions on the product purchases of new Preferred Customers they personally enroll, as well as purchases from customers in their downline.

How It Works

With Rapid Rewards, you earn a 25% commission on the first LP order of every new Preferred Customer you personally enroll. You also earn 12% on the first LP order of every new Preferred Customer on your second level, and 5% on the first LP order of every new Preferred Customer on your third level. Rapid Rewards is paid the very next day to your 4Life account when you’ve qualified with 100 PV in the current month.*


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*Effective January 1, 2020. The first, second, and fourth level payouts for the first LP orders are shifted. The enroller receives 25% and the immediate upline of the enroller receives 12%. The next two immediate qualified uplines Affiliates receive 5% and 2%, respectively. The remaining payout continues according to the Life Rewards Plan until all levels are paid out. To be eligible to receive a Rapid Rewards payment the very next day, an Affiliate must have 100 PV in the current month.

**Affiliate earnings vary as a result of numerous factors. Examples of earnings made here are not intended to guarantee a particular outcome, but rather show what is possible based on a broad range of 4Life Affiliates’ historical data, personal commitment, and skill level. All references to income, implied or stated, through the Life Rewards Plan are for illustration purposes only.